Are Your Relationships Getting You Down?
Do You Just Want To Be Happy...

Healthy Loving Relationships Are Possible

At Therapy Lounge, We Can Help You Turn Your Relationships Around

Either via Phone, Our Brisbane Clinics and even via Skype

In our busy lifes it is hard to find time, so we work with you to fit into your schedule.

Our therapists are university trained, so you get quality help when you need it and our founders, Linda Thomson and Terri O’Reilly, have nearly three decades of therapy experience

Specialised Therapy and Counselling in Brisbane

Different counselling options that Therapy Lounge can help you with

Need In Clinic or Specialised Support?

If face to face is your preferred option you can also book in clinic or Skype sessions.

Feeling down? Need someone who will listen? Phone us right now. One of our qualified therapists is waiting to help.
Talk for as little or as long as you like. No booking, no waiting. Call now.

Therapy Lounge has a range of support options to help professionals.

So you can best support your clients and offer a streamlined wrap-around support service.

Client's Share Their Experience

Therapy and Counselling



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