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on 21, Jan 2019
“I’d been having some good days and some bad days but I couldn’t really put my finger on exactly what was wrong with my life. I’d been internet dating and found it a complete waste of time, and I guess I wondered what life was really all about. Was this it? Was this all it was ever going to be? It all seemed so pointless. I wasn’t that happy with my job either. It’s funny how it takes just a few things to weigh you down and make you wonder if things are actually ever going to be the way you want. I remember thinking, am I ever going to be really happy? Anyway, after connecting with Therapy Lounge, I learnt some strategies that changed the way I think about things. Life is what you make of it today. While I was thinking about the life, I thought I should have, I wasn’t living the great life I actually have right now. I love my children and want to celebrate them. I also want to enjoy every second that I can right now. I now live in the present moment rather than spending my time ruminating about what isn’t. I think also, a large part of my success was down to the fact that I could call a therapist right in the moment when I felt down. I don’t usually have time to wait for things, as my life is fairly busy, so I think it’s great that I can call whenever I want to. I also don’t have to pay for time that I don’t need. My chatting time with my therapist, is all up to me, which is great for me. Thanks Therapy Lounge”.
Michelle, Bulimba, QLD
on 21, Jan 2019
“I want to thank Therapy Lounge for helping me with my marriage. Things weren’t going that great and I didn’t know if I should stay or leave. Frankly, most days I was thinking that I should leave and start again but I also didn’t want to do that to our family. The problem was that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life unhappy either. So, what do you do when you’re faced with that fundamental question? I tossed it around in my head for way too long and now I know the answer. I’ve got a small child and her development is really important to me. I’m staying with my husband and I’m happy about it. I now see him as a great guy, yes, with some flaws but still the person I want, and was meant to be with. I could have thrown it all away over nothing really. I’m thankful to Therapy Lounge that I didn’t”.
Cassie, Eight Mile Plains, QLD
on 21, Jan 2019
“I always thought I was a great Mum until my son became an adult and we started to disagree on just about everything. We couldn’t maintain a relationship in the end because we couldn’t have a conversation about anything. Everything we talked about, finished with either one of us hanging up on the phone. I knew I was a really good person and I loved him, but maintaining a relationship with him was really, really hard. I then got some advice from Therapy Lounge. The best thing ever was that, I didn’t need to commit to a full hour-long counselling session. I just called them whenever I was down, or something went horrible wrong between us, as it usually did in those days. It’s important to me to be able to call whenever I want, and to be able to talk as long as I need, because sometimes our issues are small, but at other times they are bigger than Ben Hur. Thank you to Therapy Lounge. Our lives are now back on track”.
Julie, Buderim, QLD
on 21, Jan 2019
“I just want to thank my therapist so much for helping me during a very challenging time in my life. The strategies she taught me honestly helped. I'm so grateful to share, that my health has improved so much and I never honestly thought I would get out of the black hole I was in. I have far more gratitude than ever, I see the world a little differently, I love myself, and my husband and I have grown even closer. Thank you for being a huge part of my healing journey”.
Brittany, Tarragindi QLD
on 21, Jan 2019
“My husband and I were having some highly emotional issues that we just couldn’t get past ourselves. After speaking with our therapist a few times, we’ve now reached a really great place. We’ve learnt to see things differently and have developed some new strategies to help us communicate better so we can both get our needs met. It’s been 8 months and all is more than well. THANKYOU - I cannot thank you enough. We are more in love today than we have ever been”.
Carol, Hawthorne QLD
on 21, Jan 2019
I didn’t think life was that great or for that matter, I was that great. I was really struggling with my self-esteem and I wasn’t sure if I had anything to offer anyone. I struggled with those thoughts for many years but I don’t feel like that now. I talked to my counsellor at Therapy Lounge, whenever I wanted to, even if it was late at night when I was feeling at my worst. I always felt they were they to hold me up if I needed them to. I don’t feel like I need their support anymore because I feel like I’ve taken on board the strategies they’ve taught me. I feel good now, but I’ll always know that they’re there for me whenever I need them. I won’t hesitate to call if things get complicated again in the future.
Joanne, Sydney NSW
on 16, Feb 2019
I'd really like to thank you again for guiding and supporting me through a critical time in my life. I now feel an incredible sense of relief and wellbeing knowing that I have realised that my needs matter, that I am good enough, and now I can be true to myself and achieve the freedom I want in my life. My relationships are already changing in positive ways I couldn't have imaged a short time ago, and I'm incredibly grateful for the chance to know and work with you on my journey. You have helped me change my life and find peace within myself.
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