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Has an affair impacted your life and your relationships?

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  • Are you suspecting your partner is having an affair or
  • Have you been devastated from discovering that an affair has already taken place?
  • Are you in the midst of the infidelity or struggling in the tattered ruins of the aftershock?
  • Or are you the one who has been cheating on your partner and confused about what to do, what to think and how to fix things?

Regardless of whether you are the the one who has had the affair, or discovered that your partner is having an affair, you are living in crisis. Your world has been turned upside down.

You’re in a state of shock where even the simplest tasks seem hard to perform. Day to day the best you can do is just try and keep one foot in front of the other, to carry on in a zombie-like state.

The awareness of an affair will be causing feelings of desolation, isolation, insurmountable hurt and deep betrayal. These feelings can have long lasting effects of many months or years and for many, the deep sense of loss never completely heals.

You will be re-living the events as thoughts keep repeating around and around in your head. You keep questioning how this happened, why your partner could do this or why you did this to your and why you didn’t notice what was happening.

If left alone, the repeating thoughts won’t simply disappear. Even if you think that you have resolved the hurt, your sub-conscience will still be trying to find answers to why this happened.

External professional support will be able to help you move through the trauma and resolve the pain.

Helping you to either heal your current relationship or move forward into your next relationship without the chances of self-sabotaging it.

If an affair has impacted on your life, here’s how Therapy Lounge will be able to help….

If you are the person who has been cheated on, our university trained therapists will support you:

  • While you try and make sense of what happened and potentially why
  • Implement strategies to help day to day functioning while you try and get through this journey
  • Learn how to slow thinking down so you can begin to make decisions on what to do next
  • Get greater clarity so you can then decide what your future standpoint on the relationship will be
  • Learn and use tools to stop the crisis from occurring again in the future

If you are the person who has had the affair, your trained therapist will walk beside you while you:

  • Learn why you engaged in the affair in the first place
  • Create a plan for what to do next
  • Learn strategies to stop relapse in the future
  • Establish the best plan to repair the trauma

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