How To Overcome Shyness And Social Anxiety?

Most of us suffer shyness and social anxiety and there are things we can do to help overcome shyness and social anxiety by Terri O'reilly - Therapy Lounge

Hi there! Today we’re talking about, How to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety. If you’re feeling some level of shyness in certain environments, it’s probably pretty normal. Most of us at one point or another do feel shy, particularly when we’re meeting new people, going to places we haven’t been before. Starting a new job, entering new environments and so on. But if you feel like your shyness or your social anxiety is at a point that it’s stopping you from doing many things in life, or the discomfort is just too great then know that there are things you can do to make it better.

I’m Terri O’Reilly and I’m a qualified therapist and I’ve been working with individuals for well over a decade now. To help them navigate this issue and make life better. So first of all let’s start with this, fundamentally, what is the underpinning of shyness and social anxiety is a deep understanding that we’re not good enough. Or we’re not good enough to meet the people we’re about to meet, to get that job we need to get, and to go into that new environment feeling kinda pretty confident about ourselves. I call it the “I am not good enough story” and believe me, most of us have one. Hope’s gonna say all of us have but most of us do have one. It’s that little story inside that keeps telling us, you’re not good enough, you’re not gonna be able to achieve that, you’re not better than the next person, you’re not better than that person you’re about to meet. And it’s okay, to have an I’m not good enough story but have a look at yours, and the goal here is to make sure that you challenge your own I’m not good enough story. And you don’t let it get too big, which is where it usually is if you’re experiencing a high level of shyness or social anxiety. It tends to get bigger than Ben-hur.

Have a look at it, and understand that we’ve all got one, that it’s false, it’s just a construct that your brain has put in place for whatever reason. It doesn’t matter why it’s there, that’s something that you can explore later on down the track. But for right now, try and make that story just a little bit smaller and at the same time understand that we’ve all got one. But put it into perspective, bring that story right down into yourself. I’ve got that story, I know it’s there but I’m not gonna let it get to be. I’m gonna keep there and I’m still gonna go forth and do the things I need to do anyway. Have a look around the website,

I’m Terri O’Reilly and I’ll talk to you next time. Bye for now.

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