What Foods Cause Mood Swings

Find out the different kind of foods that can cause mood swings and learn how to manage your mood swings

Hi! We're talking today what foods increase mood swings.

If you are noticing that your mood swings are increasing or they’re just slightly uncomfortable and you’d like to do something about them, there are some things food related that you can try.

I’m Terry O’Reilly from Therapy Lounge and I have been working with people for nearly two decades now and we’ve been talking during that time about mental health and how to improve that.

So, first of all we know alcohol. Alcohol is an antidepressant, it also is linked to the hormone that increases our depression and anxiety.

So, we want to really limit our alcohol use if you’re looking at mood swings. The second thing is sugar and artificial sweeteners. They are also linked to anxiety and depression so make healthy choices and substitute something else, rather than sugar and artificial sweeteners. I don’t have it here because we don’t have it in my house but margarine and processed meats really both do cause inflammation and are no good for mental health either. Probably we could say they’re no good for our general health, in my opinion. We don’t tend to have those in the house.

The other thing that we tend to overlook is coffee. Look, I love the smell of coffee it’s just great, let’s face it. But, coffee is not great for our mental health and it is linked to anxiety, I really did note today because I was thinking about the subject and I was really noting that I had two coffees this morning a slight body tremor. That is really linked to high caffeine so, and I only had two cups today but, if you can I would recommend swapping over to decaf.

Look, when I say that to people they go: Are you serious decaf? But in all honesty I can recommend that this is how I started. Go 50/50, whether you make it in a plunger at home or I’m not sure whether they do that for you at a coffee shop, I make mine at home at a coffee machine, and you start by using 50/50 decaf and caffeinated coffee, and then you slowly transition over to decaf and it really can’t notice a difference.

Remember mental health should be looked at from a holistic perspective. No change changes in foods or introducing great foods or decrease in some of these foods it’s unlikely to be the only thing you need to look at if you are looking at mood swings. Try and look at things from a holistic approach and go is there anything else I need to change in my life? or other things I need to do differently?

So have a look around the website TherapyLounge.com.au. There’s a whole range of things there about some foods and changing your mental health and see what you can do.

I’ll talk to you next time. Bye for now.

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