How Can You Make A Guy Like You

Get the tips here on how you can make a guy like you, or even fall in love with you.

How Can You Make A Guy Like You

So you’ve just met, already know or even work with the guy that you think could be the one for you. You want him to like you, and potentially even fall in love with you.

There are specific things you can do to enhance your chances of success. Get the tips here…

Tip #1
You’ll firstly need to figure out if he’s really a good match. There’s no point trying to get him to like or fall in love with you if you’re both not all that well suited. You’ll just be wasting your time in the end.

Know exactly what type of person is the best match for you and try and figure out, with the information you have, if he’s really worth pursuing.

Tip #2
Be quietly confident. Ashley Fern, in 6 Reasons Why Confidence Is The Most Attractive Quality A Person Can Possess, believes that people find confident people attractive, and that we are naturally drawn to people who have an air of confidence about them. This view is also supported by countless research findings evidencing that confidence rates highly on our attraction scale.

Tip #3
Be confident that the relationship will work (different from having self-confidence). When we second guess things, we tend to look and exude uncertainty and low confidence.

Social psychologist, Amy Cuddy offers that ‘power posing’ (having a posture of confidence) can not only increase our inner feelings of confidence but might just influence our chances of success overall.

Tip #4
Dress appropriately and well matched to the guy you’re trying to attract. If you don’t like your physical appearance, change it if you can. Wear outfits that best match your body type and size.

If the guy you are wanting to be with is conservative, match this style. Matching his style will make him feel comfortable and connected.

Tip #5
Be the best person you can be emotionally. Ensure you have put to bed any past hurts, and are truly ready to be open and vulnerable. Past hurts that are unresolved can come across as being broken, bitter or just too hard work.

If this is an area for you that needs work, call Therapy Lounge on 1300 555 118 and get a qualified therapist to help you resolve the past before it ruins your chances with him.

Tip #6
Be content and interesting in your own life. Have friends, hobbies and interests. Otherwise you may risk coming across as needy and potentially uninteresting

Tip #7
Display feminine energy if you’re trying to attract a masculine man. Dr Pat Allen writes in her book Getting To I Do, that when women possess feminine energy they have the attributes that are most likely to attract the masculine man they want.

Feminine means allowing him to do things for you (this is to be masculine), allowing him to make the restaurant bookings etc (masculine), you receiving what he can offer you (feminine), you allowing him to book the weekend away (feminine) – that’s of course if he is offering you the things you want. To be feminine also means being able to say “no thank you, this weekend doesn’t work for me”.

Tip #8
Know the stage of life he is at. If he’s in his career building/making money phase, you demanding too much time of him is going to turn him off. Understanding what he is experiencing both professionally and personally will add value for him, and help him to see you as a positive addition to his life.

Tip #9
Consistently assess your own behaviour for flaws and things you can improve upon. This needs to be an honest reflection of your own behaviour. Am I too needy? Am I being too negative or sensitive? Am I generally too loud or verbose when we’re socialising?

Tip #10
Keep any undesirable habits under control or stop them altogether. We all have bad habits. Some he may be accepting of, but others will be deal breakers. Common ones include:

  • Drinking too much
  • Smoking
  • Being lazy
  • Procrastinating
  • Temper issues
  • Forgetfulness
  • Being late
  • Overspending
  • Taking drugs
  • Over-eating
  • Working too much
  • Excessive socialising
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