What To Do If You Can’t Get A Girlfriend

If you can’t get a girlfriend, try these 12 tips that will increase your chances of success.

What To Do If You Can’t Get A Girlfriend

If you can’t get a girlfriend and you keep doing what you’re doing now, the results are probably going to be the same. It’s worth branching out and trying something new, right?

You may just be doing one or two minor things that are enough to send your trajectory south. Here are 12 points to consider. Have an honest critique of how you’re going about getting a girlfriend and see what you need to change.

  1. Don’t expect to meet a girlfriend by sitting on the couch watching Netflix. One won’t just fall down the chimney. Put yourself out there in as many ways as possible – online, hobbies, work, and sporting activities, any place you can think of that will have like-minded people.
  2. Identify who you are and who the person for you is. There’s no point trying to team up with a Victoria Secret model if you’re not a Calvin Klein model. Be realistic about who you are and what you bring to the table.
  3. Be chilled and patient. Calmly and confidently have faith in the process, otherwise you’re likely to come across as pushy and overly needy.
  4. Never lie on an online profile. When you finally meet the right person, you’ll then have to decide when to come clean. It will start the relationship off on an embarrassing and negative bent.
  5. If a dating app is your thing, make your messages interesting and thoughtful. Don’t waste time texting things like “how was your day”, or if you do don’t wait for a response. Women consider these messages time-wasters.
  6. Present as well as you possibly can. Dressing well shows a woman that you care and respect her enough to put in the effort. Shabby is not going to do you any favours.
  7. If you are attracted to women who aren’t over weight, get in shape yourself. Women don’t find overweight men attractive (well most women anyway).
  8. Online profile photos – make them quality. Women are turned off by grainy photos, photos of men in singlets, selfies in bathrooms and photos with children. Use current photos only. Women aren’t interested in what you looked like 5 or 10 years ago.
  9. Talk and behave respectfully. You’re trying to come across like you value her. If you’re meeting, be on time. Travel to meet her – it shows that you are happy to look after and nurture her.
  10. Be uplifting. No-one likes a downer. Don’t complain or talk about previous partners or family problems. She doesn’t want to know about past dates, troubled children or crazy ex’s. If you can’t master your own life, it won’t give her faith that you’ll be good for her life.
  11. Clean up emotional wounds. Unfinished hurt is going to be obvious and unattractive to her if she is emotionally healthy, and she will spot it a mile off.
  12. If you’re not a confident person – learn how to be fast! Women are attracted to confident men. It may date back through evolution. The cave woman needed to know that you’re confidently capable of bringing home the bacon.

Dating is expensive and time consuming so you might as well maximize your chances of success. If you can’t get a girlfriend, do an honest stocktake and identify which areas need changing.

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