Why Can’t I Get A Date With A Woman

If you’re struggling to get a date with a woman, here’s what you need to know from her perspective.

Why Can't I Get a Date With a Woman

If you’re an Australian single male and finding it hard to get a date, it may be due to the changing female perspective.

Many women report to dating consultants that although there is no shortage of men on dating apps, they are finding truly eligible candidates difficult to find. As a result, many women feel that they are being forced to remain single.

If you can’t get a date with a woman it may be due to the type you’re looking for

If you’re looking for an intelligent and attractive woman, you may be finding it particularly hard to get a date. Riley Cooper, in Curious Mind Magazine discusses “why many intelligent and gorgeous women are often single”. It would seem that it’s not because these women feel that are superior, but that it is difficult to find worthy men.

Successful, intelligent, confident and stunning women are aware of their self-worth. They put effort into developing their careers, have goals and high self-esteem and invest in the way they look. They also expect their partner to do the same and finding those men seems to be the challenging part.

We asked a single and successful woman in her mid-30’s what her dating experience was:

“I’ve tried many dating apps. Men just don’t take care of themselves. So many are overweight, poorly dressed and unshaven. I keep myself fit and spend money on the way I look. I don’t feel like many men put much effort in at all. When they dress badly, it just doesn’t make me feel valued”, says Sharnie.

If you can’t get a date with a woman she may have it altogether

Women today, have their own careers and earn their own money. They maintain their own cars and properties by themselves, or are able to pay for the help they need. They have their own friends, hobbies and interests, and generally lead busy and interesting lives.

Many still study and work full time and have family, and other life commitments to honour. For these women, life is full and largely satisfying.

These women will need to see greater value in dating you, than they already have. They will need to see a value add – something that you can give her, or a way to make her feel, that she doesn’t already have.

Leigh (late 20’s) said about her dating:

I meet a lot of men that are the walking-wounded. They have a lot of emotional baggage and many of them still have crazy ex’s hanging around. All too hard”.

Kate (in her late 30’s) also added:

“I really want to meet someone who can add something to my life, not take from it. I feel like I’m busy so he needs to be really worth the time investment and effort”.

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