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Do you feel like things just aren’t going right in your relationship or marriage?


Do you feel disconnected, that you don’t enjoy each other as much as you used to, or that you now feel awkward when you’re alone together?

When your relationship is suffering, you feel like you’re walking on egg shells, the healthy talking decreases, and the fighting or silences increase.

Thoughts start to repeat over and over, and anxiety surges as you start to worry about what the future will look like if things keep going like this.

It’s difficult to make the changes you need to, when you don’t know how and what to change. Then you have to find the motivation. While all this is going on, life still happens, so you’ll need to find the energy to keep on performing, at least on a basic level.

How can Relationship Therapy and Counselling help?

It’s really hard to see answers because you’re too close to the situation. You’ll also only be able to see things from your own perspective, and your partner will have an entirely different view of what’s happening.

Relationship Therapy (also called Couples Therapy or Couples Counselling) will be able to help you see things from an unbiased perspective. You’ll be able to get simple tools and strategies to help you unravel the problems and repair the relationship.

You can call Therapy Lounge day or night and talk for as little or as long as you like. You’ll be able to take things at your own pace and feel supported by a professional therapist without feeling judged in any way.

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