How Do I Stop Breaking Up?

If you’re finding yourself starting relationships but can’t seem to stop breaking up, here’s what you might need to look at working on.

How Do I Stop Breaking Up?

You find what seems to look like a great partner, but somewhere later on down the track the rot sets in and you don’t know how you’re going to stop yourself from breaking up. It may take you 3 months or even over a year to get to this point. None-the-less, you always end up feeling the same way.

You may justify the breakups by saying to yourself, “I’m just no good at picking the right person in the first place”. This might be true, in which case you need to have a clear look at the type of people you’re attracting and are attracted to.

However, this may not be the reason why you can’t stop breaking up. There may be something you are doing that’s causing you to sabotage your own relationships.

Relationship fatigue may be causing you to breakup

If you’ve had a series of failed relationships, you are likely to have developed relationship or emotional fatigue. This is also referred to as emotional burn-out.

When you’ve experienced multiple relationships, you’re likely to have less tolerance for your partner’s nuances and any problems that come up in the relationship. Trying to navigate things becomes too hard because of the exhaustion. The fatigue leaves you unable to find the emotional energy you need to solve the relationship issues.

The small annoying things your partner does become bigger than they really are in your mind. You start to focus on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right.

Now’s the time when you consider that it may be easier to break up, walk away and start again.

Here’s how you stop the breaking up

Nothing will change if you don’t accept the emotional fatigue and how this is impacting on your view of your partner and the relationship. You’re unlikely to be able to make good choices right now so instead of thinking about breaking up, take time to heal, re-charge yourself and put better thought processes into place.

To change the way you are thinking, may be hard to do on your own. You may need some outside help to do this, and to also learn how to re-charge your emotional tank.

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