How Do You Build A Strong Relationship?

Couples who have a great relationship follow a few simple rules – here’s how you go about building a strong relationship with your partner.

How Do You Build a Strong Relationship?

If you’re in a newish relationship, you may be looking for some tips on how to make things strong for the future so the relationship lasts.
If you’ve been married for many years, you might need to repair the current state of the relationship, or you might need some tips on how to make the marriage stronger for the years to come.
None-the-less, the same rules apply for both. Strong relationships all bear the same principles.
You’ll need to do an honest analysis to see what needs to be kept the same and what needs to be changed, in order to maintain a strong relationship over time.

The principles for building a strong relationship

  1. You’ll both need to keep a balance between embracing your own individuality and being able to put this aside for the health of the relationship. Know when your needs should take priority, but also know it’s right to forgo them and prioritise the needs of the relationship.
  2. Rarely are we on exactly the same page sexually. In building a strong relationship, you’ll both need to communicate and negotiate, your sexual preferences openly and calmly. You’ll both also both need to be clear about what you’re prepared to compromise on and what you’re not.
  3. Make the relationship a safe-zone where both of you will always feel safe to discuss failures, issues and fears. Feeling safe makes the relationship strong and enhances connection and closeness with your partner.
  4. Try and build mutual activities together. In strong relationships, couples have fun together and find interesting things to share. Mutual interests keep connection, respect and passion alive.
  5. People in strong relationships, focus on what’s right, not what’s wrong. It’s easy to get caught up in the problems, but try and turn this focus around to what’s good about your partner and the joy that the relationship brings you.

If you can’t get the relationship as strong as you’d like…

Some changes will be easier than others to make. Some of the principles you’ll need to implement, may be difficult to do without help because you’re too close to the situation or you can’t get your partner fully on board.

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