How Do You Revive A Dying Relationship?

Here’s how to really go about reviving your dying relationship.

How Do You Revive A Dying Relationship

The first thing you need to know is that if you are serious about saving your dying relationship, throwing quick fixes at it won’t work in the long term. You’ve probably already talked to family and friends, and been given some top tips like: make more time for each other; introduce date night; have more fun together; communicate more; or spice up your intimacy. These are all great ideas, and will be fun to do but by themselves they won’t be enough to save your relationship if it is truly dying.

Here’s what you’ll really need to do to stop the relationship death

You’ll really need to work out what caused things to go bad in the first place. Your relationship will continue to go south unless you figure out the original cause and solve it. If you don’t identify and solve the issue, it will keep on killing your relationship until it reaches a point where potentially things can’t be saved.

Family and friends are well meaning and want to support and help you. They also only have limited knowledge and experience, and don’t necessarily understand exactly how your relationship works, or doesn’t work. It’s also really hard for you to see things from an unbiased perspective.

When you feel like your relationship is dying, your strong feelings will make it hard to think clearly and act.

Confusion and your own perspective both make it hard to see things clearly. Thoughts go around and around in your head and without new information, finding answers can be difficult. Getting outside help will be the answer. Call Therapy Lounge and talk to a qualified professional who’ll be able to work out, from an unbiased position, where and how things went wrong and why the relationship started to die in the first place. Your therapist will be able to work out a strategy on how to stop the relationship from dying and turn things around. We’ll walk beside you while you process answers and make things happen in order to get the relationship back to a happy and satisfying place.

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