What Causes Relationships To Fail?

There are many things that cause a relationship to fail but here is one of the main reasons.

What Causes A Relationship To Fail?

Are you feeling confused as to why your relationship has failed or it’s looking like it might be? Are your thoughts going around and around in your head looking for answers that don’t seem to be coming?

The questioning consumes your everyday thinking and carrying on normal living becomes hard. You become more and more exhausted from processing and looking for answers and solutions.

Relationships often fail because…

Usually it’s because one or both of you won’t back down or give in for the sake of the relationship. The concept of ‘giving in’ these days seems weak. Why should I give in? I’m not a door mat! Why shouldn’t I get my needs met? Why do his/her needs come before mine?

These thoughts are individualistic by nature. They don’t take into account that the relationship is a separate entity that needs nurturing. Both of you need to learn how to make decisions for the health of the relationship, not necessarily the individual members.

If you want your relationships to stop failing, you have to let go of the meaning you’ve developed for ‘giving in’. Giving in doesn’t mean weak. It means you are sensible and mature enough to know when to put your own needs aside for the good of the bigger picture, which is the relationship.

It also doesn’t mean you give in all the time. It means you know when to give in and when not to. It means you know when the needs of the relationship out way your own needs, and your partner needs to do the same.

If you can’t figure out why your relationships are failing

It’s often hard to see things from an unbiased perspective when you’re too close to the problem. How do you see exactly what’s happening inside the relationship, when you’re in the middle of it? You’ll only be able to see things from your own perspective and not that of your partner. You also won’t be able to see the relationship issues in general.

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