Separation And Divorce

Are you feeling like you’re buckling under the strain of a separation or divorce?

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If so, you’re having to carry on and function, and still cope with many of these feelings:

  • deep sadness over the life you thought you were going to have and now won’t
  • anger and resentment that another person is destroying the life you had
  • fearful about what life will be like in the future
  • worried over financial uncertainty
  • confused as to why this all happened
  • uncertain about who to turn to and what to do next
  • symptoms of depression (listlessness, fear, lack of motivation, inability to sleep like you used to)
  • grief and a deep desire that things were different
  • overloaded with thoughts relating to how you will communicate what’s happening to people in your life, especially if children are involved
  • at times, pure hatred for the situation you’re now in.

You can feel like you’re living in quicksand and slowly sinking, bogged down with the decisions you’re going to have to face. Stressful thoughts keep repeating in your head but answers and clear direction are hard to find.

You’re likely to find that talking to family or friends will add to the confusion as everyone will have a different take on things. They mean well, but they’ll also only have limited information on how you should look at the situation and how to move forward.

Before you get too bogged under, getting outside help will be a better option to help you work through your separation or divorce.

Call Therapy Lounge and we’ll take you through step by step strategies that will free up your thinking and help you make clearer decisions. You’ll talk to a qualified professional who understands what you’re going through. You’ll feel supported and like you’re not alone through the journey that you now have to make. You’ll then be able to get out the other side and go on to live a rich and meaningful life.

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