How Do You Live After A Divorce

If you’ve been through a divorce and now don’t know how you’re going to live, read on…

How Do You Live After A Divorce?

Do you feel like your divorce has altered your life beyond belief? You never had to think about how you lived and now you have no idea what to do and how you should think about things.

Are you feeling confused, sometimes numb, directionless, and think from time to time that this is all too hard?

There’s no question that your divorce has changed life as you knew it, permanently and that you will now have to think about your life differently.

Now that divorce has happened, how will you live?

The answer to how you will now live will all depend on how well you can adjust to change, and be open to living a life that’s different from the one you had.

Your internal voice is now saying…. But I liked my old life! You, your family and friends all wish you could still have it but it would seem that the reality is something else. Trying to hang onto a life that is never going to be again, will keep you trapped in uncertainty and confusion about how you are going to live.

Instead, try to turn your focus away from your old life and be open to the possibility of forging a new life for yourself… one that is different but no less interesting and fulfilling. You never know it might even turn out to be better than the one you had before, if you let it.

You have a great capacity for change, all human beings do. Although you did not plan on this change, you have little choice. It might not be as hard as you think if you can be open to the idea.

After the divorce, when you still can’t get a plan on how you will live

If you’re finding it hard to be open to looking at life differently, try getting an outside professional involved. A trained therapist will guide you while you potentially:

  • Learn strategies that will help you feel safe enough to consider seeing life another way
  • Learn how to manage fear and other difficult thoughts and emotions, including those related to grief and loss
  • Take on new concepts about life that you haven’t considered before
  • Regain your own self-worth, self-acceptance and value
  • Work out and plan around how you want life to look in the future
  • Executive your plan and start to live and rich, full and meaningful life

Be patient with yourself. Out of all life’s events, a divorce is likely to be the most impactful. It will have made you question all of your beliefs about life and how you thought you were going to live it. Have faith that you will be able to travel through this and out the other side.

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