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Are you, or your partner feeling stressed when it comes to the thought of sex?

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Have either of you become masters of avoiding sex because of the stress it causes?

  • You’ve tried to talk about it but the conversations keep repeating over and over and nothing changes. It’s now at a point where the subject causes fights to break out, and resentment is setting in.
  • The sexual issues build your I’m not good enough story, that stays with you and makes you feel not good enough.
  • You feel powerless, despite everything that you’ve tried.
  • You think the relationship is now on a downward spiral… and you may be right.

Before you keep spiralling down any further, know that given new information there are things you can do to improve things.

You just need outside help because you’ve been trying to solve the problem with limited information.  

A university qualified therapist is what you’ll need to give you new perspectives and strategies that will help improve things. Jump into the Therapy Lounge for a quick chat. You’ll feel supported with no judgement, while you briefly outline what’s going wrong. Together, with your therapist you’ll be able to learn new things that will help shift the issue.

The longer you leave the issue in place, the more it’s likely to cement in the resentment. Call now so you can go onto live the life you deserve.

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