How Can I Improve My Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many things you can do to improve your erectile dysfunction but it’ll all depend on what’s driving it.

How Can I Improve My Erectile Dysfunction?

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction, there are many things you can do that will potentially improve it. The first step will be to figure out what caused it in the first place and secondly, what’s maintaining it.

All treatment pathways will be different depending on the cause. One treatment won’t fix all driving factors. It’s knowing the cause, that will determine what treatment will work for you.

In most cases, your erectile dysfunction won’t improve on its own. The longer it stays in place, the more likely it is to remain. As it becomes habit, the more you’ll worry about it continuing.

Unfortunately, the worry will also keep your dysfunction in place.

Earlier intervention usually gets better results no matter what the cause turns out to be.

What will improve my erectile dysfunction based on each cause

Erection dysfunction can be a result of many factors.


Health conditions that impact on the body’s circulation often lead to erection problems. Conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalances are all linked to erection issues. Low testosterone and endocrine levels also play a crucial role in erectile functioning and trigger erectile dysfunction.

Consult your GP who may then refer you to a Urologist who will rule out any physical issues that may be causing the erectile dysfunction. In these cases, you’ll be able to discuss potential medical treatments that will help.


Your lifestyle choices may be contributing. Alcohol, other drugs, smoking, medications for depression, anxiety and high blood pressure, antihistamines and anabolic steroids, have all been known to cause erectile dysfunction.

You’ll need to consult your GP before stopping the use of some of these. Others, you’ll be able to reduce or stop altogether to see if the dysfunction improves with time.

Psychological intervention to improve your erectile dysfunction

If your dysfunction is not driven by physical or lifestyle factors, you’ll need to consider that it may be caused by psychological or emotional issues.

If this is the case, sex therapy is likely to be helpful in improving your erectile dysfunction. Once you’ve solved what it’s caused from, you’ll be able to relieve your anxiety and get the treatment you need.

Sex therapy will help you figure out when you think the problem first started happening and what events were coinciding at the time. Once you have a clear picture of these, your therapist will be able to give you some simple strategies you can start on immediately.

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