How Can I Be Extremely Happy

How Can I Be Extremely Happy

If you want to know how to be extremely happy, watch this video

Hi there! If you’re asking yourself how you can be extremely happy, clearly you’re finding at the moment, like you’re not happy enough or you feel like you could be happier and would want to aim for that. And there are things you can do. I’m Terri O’Reilly from Therapy Lounge and I’ve been working for over two decades helping people solve some of these problems.

So, let’s have a look at one thing that comes up in therapy for me often. As human beings what we tend to do is we look at the past, the present, and the future. And generally what we’re doing if you analyze your thinking is we’re thinking about 40% in the past, about 20% in the current, and about 40% in the future.

So what that actually means is, if you’re focusing on what I’m saying right this very second you’re in the present, if you’re thinking about what’s going to happen a minute in the future, after you get off this video you’re thinking in the future, if you’re thinking how you got to where you’re sitting right now you’re in the past.

So have a look at your thinking because what we know is thinking and spending our time in the past or in the future isn’t the key to happiness. The key to happiness is focusing right now on the immediate moment in time that you are right now. It’s called mindfulness so have a look at your thinking, thinking is changeable and when you know you should, if you’re doing this and of course these things are different for everybody so they’ll be varied but, but generally that’s what people are doing we want to increase this as much as possible. We want to live in the present moment and really appreciate everything it is great about the right now. Have a look around the website

I’m Terri and there are more articles on there on how to get happier and stay happy and I’ll talk to you next time. Thanks, bye.

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