How Can I Be Happy All The Time

How Can I Be Happy All The Time

If you are asking yourself, how you can be happy all the time, watch this video

If you’re asking yourself how you can be happy all of the time, clearly there’s times where you feel you’re not as happy as what you should be, and you’d like to do something about this. You can always try this, imagine this is your problem you’ve got one problem, where at different times we’ll have heaps of them and they’re all bundled together. What we often do with this though, is we’ll hold a problem right up here. So, we’ll hold upon them a little bit too close and a little bit too right in front of our front and center of attention.

So, you can kind of imagine that when you’re holding it there, how much of a rich full and meaningful life can you have because you’ve allowed this to be too big? Too much focus? So what we need to do in those situations, have a look if that’s what you’re doing and what you really need to be doing is taking that problem, it’s not gonna go away just because you do this, but you’re going to put it down in front of you rather than holding it right up here. If you do that with most of your problems and most of the issues that come into your life, you probably won’t feel a need to ask yourself how you can be happier more often.

I’m Terri O’Reilly from Therapy Lounge. I’ve been helping couples and individuals for two decades now to sort out some of their happiness issues. Have a look around the Therapy Lounge website, There are more articles there on how you can increase your level of happiness and talk to you next time. Bye for now.

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