How Can I Be Happy Internally

Are you asking yourself how you can be more internally happy?

  • You may be thinking that your thoughts are getting in the way or,
  • that life around you is happy, but you’re not really feeling as internally happy as what you’d like to be

If you are not feeling internally content there are things you can do, sometimes it’s just a change in the way that we think or what we’re focusing on.

I’m Terry O’Reilly from Therapy Lounge and I’ve been working with people for two decades now, to solve some of these problems.

So, let’s have a look at one thing you can do. This is something that I do on a regular basis. Often we don’t know what we’re focusing on or we live life, we get busy and we don’t necessarily really analyze and really look at whether what we’re focusing on is beneficial to us or not. So for me I found by book, this is a great idea but this is a lifetime commitment, you do this for the rest of your life because it works. So buy a book it doesn’t matter you just pick these things up, my whole life goes in this book.

So, the purpose of this is to really make notes about what you’re focusing on, what types of things during the day you’re focusing on. We have a new thought every 1.2 seconds and usually many of them are negative and you don’t even realize that you’re doing it, we get into this negative focus habit. That you probably not even realizing it’s what you’re doing. So by writing it down by getting it out of your head and onto the paper you can actually have a really good look. “Wow! I’m focusing on this, is that it is that a positive thing to be focusing on or a negative thing? Am I spotting out the more bad things in my life and not necessarily making bigger the thoughts that are related to the good things in your life?”

Analyze that have a look at it. Have a look around the website, there are more tips on there on getting happy, staying happy, improving your well-being, and so on.

And I’ll talk to you next time. Bye for now.

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