How Do I Make Myself Better?

How Do I Make Myself Better?

If you are finding ways to make yourself feel better, watch this video

Hi there! If you’re asking yourself how you make yourself feel better. Clearly some things are going on for you, that keep you in the unhappy zone. I’m Terri O’Reilly from Therapy Lounge and I’ve been working with people for two decades now, to help figure out some of these problems.

So here’s something you can consider, what a lot of us do it’s not uncommon but some of our stories are bigger than others, is we’ve hold on firmly to our: I’m not good enough story. So imagine this is your story book and this is the story that you’ve written for yourself, that you keep rereading and that you keep adding to and keep writing. We’ve all got it, as I say; I’m not good enough story, but some of us have a small one and some of us let our story get out of control. So what you can try doing is looking at the story that you’re holding for yourself and really trying to rewrite that story. Look at it for what it is and understand that the story’s not real. It’s just something you’ve written or others have contributed to writing for you along the way, but it’s not real. We can change that story at any time.

Have a look around the website for more on how you can make yourself feel better. In the mean time. Bye for now.

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