How To Be A Happier Person

Learn here, how to be a happier person; recognising fact from fantasy.

How To Be A Happier Person

Using social media promotes the production of Dopamine – the ‘feel good’ hormone. Dopamine makes you feel energised, positive and focused. But, the use of social media has a flip side.

To be a happier person, you’ll need to remember that social media is a filtered domain where people only show you what they want you to see.

Posted videos are largely of glamorous people showcasing their latest makeup purchases or of gorgeous body builders touting the results are all down to their newly acquired wonder supplements.

You’ll see 19-year-olds donning Versace, driving convertibles with impossibly successful careers. Girls all have huge bedrooms and closets full of clothes that are worth more than your car.

People have fantastic diets and impossibly-interesting jobs. They all have great hair, bodies, friends and lives… wrong, it’s mostly a facade.

We believe many of these lives are real and are authentically as we see them. Maybe some are, but the majority are showing you the story they want to show you – perfect lives.

To increase your chances of being a happier person

Understand that if you crave to have the life of another, you cannot fully live the one you have. Higher happiness comes from accepting that things aren’t always what they seem, and that there are certain lifestyles that most of us simply can’t have.

Even if what you see on social media is truly that person’s life – it’s unique to them. When you are envious or crave a life that you don’t have, you miss out on living your own rich, full and meaning life and all the joy of your current existence.

How to be a happier person – focus on being a happier person

The goal is to embrace all the great things you have now. Continue to work toward achieving goals and changing the things that you’d like to change about your life. Make improvements. Seek out and open doors and see what’s behind them.

But it also means continuing to live your own rich life at the same time. Change your focused direction from looking at the lives of others to looking at your own life with amazement.

Embrace the unremarkable and learn how to find joy in the mundane.

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