More Foods That Are Good For Mental Health?

More Foods That Are Good For Mental Health?

If you are looking for more foods for better mental health, watch this video

Hi! We’re talking today, good foods for mental health. So we’ve got a few, if you’d like to increase your mental health and make it a little bit healthier than what you’ve got now. There are a few things you can try in the food department. First of all green leafy vegetables delay cognitive decline. So they’re a great thing to look after your brain and be focusing on your mental health. It’s, they’re also great for health in general. So when our health is good, generally our mental health is better also. We have fish oils are essential for me for good mental health. We know that fatty acids in the brain – best friends. These are capsules I prefer the liquid when I have it because I think the liquid is a little bit better.

Yogurt, don’t have that here but we know that yogurt increases our gut health and we also know that I’ve got health is very much linked to our psychological health. We didn’t know that quite a number of years ago but we do now, there’s a strong correlation if your gut health is healthy your psychology is likely to be a little bit healthier as well. So think about introducing Omega-3’s to your diet. We know legumes and whole grains, whole grains are essential for good mental health.

Walnuts are also another one, if you’re going to choose nuts walnuts are a great option, you can eat them straight like that or you can blend them up when you blend your gorgeous green leafy vegetables. Water for me, I think the most essential out of all of these is water because none of us drink enough three liters of water is what I try and aim for. Imagine your brain is like this sponge and when it’s dried out and shriveled up, it’s not going to process as well as what it normally would when it’s pumped up, full and moist of water.

Berries of course, we’ve all heard about berries being superfoods. I don’t know what superfood really means but, berries we do know are linked to reducing inflammation, they’re full of antioxidants of course and we think they can be linked to reducing depression and anxiety. So, have a look at these things, introduce some of these to your diet on a daily basis if you’re not doing it already. But with mental health, also look at it holistically, there may be other things you need to look at as well.

Have a look around the website there’s more information there on how to improve your mental health. Talk to you next time. Bye.

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