Grief And Loss Therapy Brisbane

It’s difficult to manage debilitating feelings of grief and loss but here’s how therapy can help you to get through it.

Grief and Loss Therapy

Have you lost someone close to you? Or maybe your grief is related to the loss of something dear to you, or something that you desperately need and can’t have?

If this is you, you’ll be familiar with feeling either:

  • A sorrowful pain deep down in your heart
  • A heavy weight is resting over you that you can’t, or don’t want to crawl out from underneath
  • A feeling that everything in life is now pointless
  • An emptiness inside of you, like part of you is missing
  • Numb like you can no longer feel positive emotions
  • Angry at the world, your circumstances, and especially angry at other happy people
  • Like you don’t understand what you’re supposed to make your life about now

These feelings caused from grief and loss can be just as powerful whether they are related to:

  • The death of a loved one
  • Loss caused by separation and divorce
  • Circumstances that mean you will never have something that was central to your happiness (ie having children or finding a partner)
  • Loss through accident or injury
  • The passing of a much loved pet
  • Loss of a home or job
  • Or, a realisation that for whatever reason life will never be what you want it to be

Through grief and loss therapy, you’ll be able to pull yourself out from underneath the pain and pointlessness sooner rather than later

When you are stuck under the heaviness of it all, it’s hard think clearly. It’s also hard to see how you can bear the weight of these feelings and still keep on functioning. You can’t really talk to family and friends thoroughly enough, because you don’t want to overly burden them, and how many times can you tell them your story before you risk them becoming intolerant. They may be a great support to you but it’s hard for people to understand what other people are going through, if they’re not going through it themselves.

Grief and loss therapy will provide you with the support you need without judgement, no matter how many times you want to tell your story. Therapists who work with grief and loss understand the depth of how loss can impact on every part of your life, and they’ll be able to walk alongside you, right through and out the other side.

Here’s how therapy for grief and loss can help

  1. Your university trained therapist will support you through the stages of grief and loss, at your own pace, with no expectation on where you’re at.
  2. You’ll feel listened to, understood and cared for, and through this relationship learn to have self-compassion for the way you feel.
  3. You’ll be offered strategies on how to sit with the pain, and make it manageable while you still address all that you need to in life.
  4. You’ll be presented with different ways of seeing the situation in the hope that you can reconnect with your life in a whole new way.
  5. Your therapist will help you find a place where you can recognise some joy when you now look into the future.

Your therapist can’t change what has happened but they can help you still find a rich, full and meaningful life somewhere amongst it all.

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