Infidelity Therapy Brisbane

If your relationship has been impacted upon by an affair, here’s how Infidelity Therapy can help.

Infidelity Therapy Brisbane

When infidelity happens, it usually impacts on the lives of at least three people. The impression it leaves is of course, different for each person depending on which one of the three you are.

It’s hard to talk to family or friends because even though they are well meaning, they won’t come without bias and won’t be able to totally understand what you’re going through.

How can they when they’re not living what you’re living? Even if they have gone through a similar experience, they are likely to have bias based on their own feelings, beliefs and values.

Any of this support and information won’t be helpful and unique to you and your own personal journey. But you don’t need to navigate through this on your own.

Here’s how Infidelity Therapy can help

Come to an infidelity therapy appointment at one of our Brisbane counselling clinics where you’ll be supported by a university trained therapist. Your experienced therapist will walk alongside you through this voyage and out the other side.

Unlike your personal support network, your therapist will work with you without any female or male bias. Therapy Lounge therapists have decades of experience in working with couples impacted by these types of issues. Your therapist has made a life decision to work in this field and believes strongly in meeting you where you are at, and engaging with you without personal judgement about what’s happened and the way you think and feel.

Your therapist does not bring any personal feelings or baggage from their own lives into the infidelity therapy work. This is our commitment to you.

Through attending one of our Brisbane clinics, you’ll receive our promise to support you in whatever way you need. We’ll be able to help you:

  • Feel better about yourself and what you are going through in the here and now
  • Tease out what’s happened and decide what to do next based on your goals, values and beliefs
  • Implement your action plan, whatever it looks like

Call to see which clinic in Brisbane Therapy Lounge can help you.

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