Therapy For Low Self Esteem Brisbane

If you’ve got low self-esteem or just don’t feel as good as you can about yourself, here’s how therapy can help

Therapy for Low Self Esteem

Do you feel like you’re not as good or as worthy of respect as other people? Does it surprise you that many people view themselves as valuable because you can’t relate to this concept?

Do you avoid putting yourself out there because you don’t think people will want to hear what you have to say and want to be with you?

If you feel this way, then low self-esteem is stopping you from living a rich, diverse, interesting and meaningful life.

You can stay in this space or… why choose therapy for low self-esteem?

Given normal circumstances, you can assume that you weren’t born with low self-esteem. It implanted itself within you at some point, or over a period of time during your lifespan. It was also probably not a result of your own ideas, rather it was likely a result of messages you received from the outside world, from upbringing, school bullying, negative events that happened to you etc.

Now that you’ve reached adulthood, you are capable of questioning and challenging these messages given to you in your childhood or early adulthood.

How therapy for low self-esteem can change things

Your university trained therapist will walk beside you, with no judgement about the way you feel, while you learn how to confront your low self-esteem. Through this supportive relationship, you’ll:

  • Be able to uncover where the original messages came from
  • Make peace with the past and forgive those who gave you these negative messages
  • Learn how to face unhelpful thoughts about yourself, acknowledge the thoughts and realise that you don’t need to keep or believe them
  • Learn how to let thoughts go that keep repeating over and over in your head
  • Learn how to question difficult emotions and ride them out until they pass you by
  • Be able to appreciate that you are as valuable as everyone else on the planet and have just as much to offer the world
  • Develop the courage to face, and enjoy new challenges in the future

Low self-esteem has changed the way you look at the world, other people, and your own capabilities and value. As a result, you’ve missed out on many joyful moments that could have been a part of your life, and these moments won’t come again.

You owe yourself the same quality life that other people enjoy. At this point, it will be difficult for you to imagine that you are capable of thinking about yourself as important, invaluable, and unique and deserve to think of yourself as someone who has something special to offer others.

Remember that human beings have a great capacity for change. Your brain learns new things all throughout your lifespan. Learning to take on new ideas about your self-esteem is no different than learning any other new skill. If you have the will to change it, you can easily learn the new skill. Although it seems hard now, it won’t be as difficult as you might think.

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