In Clinic Sessions

Need in clinic or Specialised Support?

In clinic Therapy Counselling

Phone therapy is a great solution for many clients and for many issues, but it's not for everyone, nor every issue.

Therapy Lounge qualified therapists know that it’s about matching you to the best model for your needs.

Is your ‘I’m not good enough story’ your negative self-talk, and your anxiety so deafening that is getting hard to function on a day to day basis?

Many long standing issues are a result of childhood 'norms', experiences and trauma

These and other experiences that have been assimilated into adulthood, may be more difficult to change. In these cases, in-clinic sessions are probably a better match, rather than brief phone therapy models.

During deeper, in-clinic therapy, you’ll be able to develop a close relationship with your one-on-one personal therapist who will understand your long term story, and who’ll will be able to stand beside you on the journey through self-discovery and growth.

Through more complex exercises and strategies (than given during phone therapy), you’ll then be able to see life differently, experience new possibilities that life may have to offer and feel like you’re not so different after all. Call Therapy Lounge for a free consult now.

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