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Why have your very own therapist on call

Are things not going quite right in your life and you feel like your life is spiraling out of control!

These feelings, can be overwhelming and impossible to live with. You keep trying to process the problem over and over, looking for answers, solutions, a little understanding, complete clarity, or even just some direction on what to do next.

This constant processing ends up consuming most of your daily thinking time and you still don’t have any resolution.

Here’s why you might need to have a therapist on call: are you feeling…

  • Stressed or anxious
  • frustration at yourself, another person or situation
  • confused
  • general sadness
  • grief over what wasn’t or what was
  • anger
  • blame directed at yourself or someone else
  • miserable in general
  • procrastination weighing down on you
  • negative about life
  • dissatisfied with relationships

If you’ve thought that you’re feeling any of these, then an on-call therapist may be the perfect answer for you.

Phone Therapy Counselling

Why do you need your therapist on call?

Problems usually don’t crop up according to when it best suits your calendar. They often come when you least expect them and sometimes it can be a shock when to they do.

Negative feelings can ebb and flow in intensity. Some days you’ll feel better about things, and other days you’ll be back to rock bottom.

Feelings are often unpredictable. Being able to call a therapist right then and there, in the moments you’re feeling most down, will be helpful. You’ll be able to get advice and strategies right away to help you on the journey to feeling better.

You’ll also be able to ask those little nagging questions when and where they come up – not have to store them up for the traditional 1-hour therapy session.

Call the lounge and talk for as little or as long as you want, our qualified therapists are here for you.

Therapy Lounge can offer you help when and where you need it. There’s no booking, no waiting, talk for as little or as long as you like. Talk in your lunch break, from your home, office, coffee shop – wherever you feel most comfortable. 

You can call 7 days a week, anywhere from 7.30am to 11.30pm to get out of your pain now rather than continuing to sit stressing about it. 

You’ll be able to get help to with those niggly questions at the very time they come to your attention.

The benefits of having your own on-call therapist are that:

  1. When you try and work through issues on your own, you usually find your thoughts repeating over and over in your mind coming up with the same (or similar) frustrations and no solutions.  
  2. You’ll get things from a totally different perspective – perspectives that so far are not related to what you’ve already come up with.
  3. You’ll have at your disposal professional frameworks, strategies and therapeutic tools that have been evidenced to work.
  4. The perspective and strategies will be unbiased. When we consult with friends and family members, they are well meaning and usually want the best for you which is why it’s impossible to get unbiased viewpoints and options. In addition, we often feel like we don’t want to burden these people repeatedly and sometimes talking about the issue over time is the very thing that’s necessary to reach a solution.
  5. You’ll have access to research about what a broad range of other people have done to overcome the issue.  
  6. You can access your therapist when and where you want to – not in the timeframe that suits others.
  7. You reach solutions more quickly freeing yourself up to then go on and enjoy your life.

What counselling and therapy can a phone therapist help you with?

Like most of us, it will be inevitable that at different times throughout your lifespan you’ll find yourself embroiled in any number of emotional or psychological turmoils. They may relate to:

  • Internal conflict between competing thoughts – i.e. I want this but I know I can’t have it. It’s not doing me any favours but I still feel like I want it anyway.
  • Indecision over a particular issuei.e. I’m not sure if I still want to be with him/her. Should I stay or leave my relationship or career?
  • Conflicting identityi.e. I feel like I’m a certain type of person with a lot to offer the world but I wonder if the world sees me in the same way.
  • Rejectioni.e. He/she doesn’t want me, how should I manage these emotions? Why don’t they? What’s wrong with me?
  • Grief and loss i.e. Life isn’t the way I thought it would be. I haven’t ended up where I should be (grief over unfulfilled hopes). I’ve lost a partner to death or separation; how can I feel better?  It might also be grief related to the loss of a job, pet or friend from your life.
  • Loneliness – i.e. What am I doing wrong and why can’t I meet anyone? How can I make things different? Is it just what the universe has mapped out for me?
  • Happiness trapsi.e. I’m unhappy, things don’t seem to be going right and I don’t know why or how to fix it. Everyone else seems happier.
  • Guilt i.e. I know it was my fault and I can’t shake the guilt.
  • Relationship conflict – i.e. We fight all the time. The relationship just doesn’t seem to offer me what I need.
  • Unmet desiresi.e. I want something that perhaps I just can’t have. How can I feel better about it or influence things for a better outcome?
  • Lack of motivationi.e. I just can’t…
  • Low self-esteem is often not obvious  i.e. It can result in a general feeling of ‘lack’ but you can’t often put your finger on the driving cause. When delving deeper, sometimes these feelings are due to reduced self-esteem and an inability to see the exciting possibilities that life can have to offer.

This list is by no means exhaustive and the issues exist on a continuum of varying degrees. They may present once over a short period of time or plague on for many years either continually or intermittently.

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