Does Phone Counselling Work?

Does Phone Counselling Work?

Phone counselling does work for a range of problems and in some cases may be more helpful than other ways of getting counselling. Here’s why…

Does Phone Counselling Work

The faster you get phone therapy, the sooner you can start to get your life back on track..

Getting therapy to successfully resolve your issues is often time sensitive. The longer your emotional pain is left in place, the tougher it will be to shift it. Your negative emotions and thoughts ferment as they remain in place and the wounds deepen, making them harder to heal.

Relationship Conflicts

If your conflict is about a relationship, the longer you leave it unaddressed, the more resentment and contempt for your partner builds.

One client put it like: “We’ve been shooting criticisms from the hip at each other for too long. It’s now become a habit that we can’t get out of”.

Combative communication styles become a protective mechanism, then strengthen and deepen the divide between you both.

Personal Conflict

Likewise, if your turmoil is due to your own thoughts and emotions, the internal conflict becomes more entrenched over time. You continue to try to process the problem but instead of finding a solution, thoughts keep repeating over and over in your head consuming everything you do.

Without intervention and new information, the dog in your head continues to chase its tail around and around in an attempt to solve things.

Instead of a solution miraculously appearing, the processing becomes exhausting and the problems remain unresolved.

The faster you can get therapeutic intervention, the better and more positive the outcome should be.

Habits, that won’t do you any favours, don’t become so entrenched and negative emotions won’t be left to take hold and fester.

Any negative thoughts you currently have will be easier to challenge and replace with more effective ones.

You’ll also be less emotionally exhausted from the constant and long-term processing, and will have the energy reserves you need to find a resolution.

Phone therapy uses brief therapy models that are proven to be effective

Therapy Lounges’ Phone Therapy, works with you to explore the resources you currently have including your own strengths, under-utilised support networks and what’s currently working for you and what’s not.

We use Brief Therapy Models for our phone therapy as it can be easily explained over the phone and can be applied in shorter time periods than other models, resulting in restoring your emotional balance faster.

This model of therapy is backed by extensive body of research to support the efficacy of brief therapy models. Brief models, like Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is an evidence-based approach to psychotherapy and has been studied since the early 1980s.

Your therapist works from the premise that if these can be enhanced and negative thoughts can be refocused, you are likely to be able to achieve emotional and psychological wellbeing.

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