Phone Counselling, A More Affordable Option

Phone counselling, a more affordable option

If you need to keep therapy more affordable, phone counselling may be the better option for you

Phone Counselling a More Affordable Option

At one time, the traditional way of getting therapy was the only thing that was offered. That was to book a 50 or 60 minute in-clinic session with a fixed price.

With a fixed sessional time and price, and sometimes additional costs associated with intake and assessment appointments, in-clinic therapy could turn out to be relatively expensive.

On top of these expenses, you’d need to take time off work to attend in-clinic appointments and for many, time equals a cost outlay.

If cost is an issue for you, phone therapy could be the perfect solution, and a cheaper alternative to getting therapy.

Why is phone therapy more affordable?

  • Phone counselling services, like Therapy Lounge, offer an alternative to the 1-hour long therapy session. You’ll only pay for the time you need and not what you don’t need, making phone therapy a more affordable way of accessing counselling.
  • You’ll have no travel time to in-clinic sessions. If your time equals money then phone therapy may be particularly attractive to you. You can access phone therapy when and where you need it: from your office, in a coffee shop while you’re waiting for a friend or from your own loungeroom. Depending on your situation, the no-travel- time may equal saving dollars.
  • You won’t need to take time off work or other commitments. For many, this may also mean a more cost-effective solution.
  • Phone counselling services usually don’t talk ‘intake appointment’ or ‘assessment’. These aren’t included in the phone therapy process so if you don’t need them, you won’t pay for them.
  • If it’s not a great time for you financially, brief phone therapy will offer you support without a huge financial drain. If you chose a pay-by-the-minute service, like Therapy Lounge, you can monitor the cost of each call to ensure you’re staying within your budget.

Affordable phone therapy uses brief-therapy models

Phone therapists work extensively with brief-therapy models. These models work from the premise that you can learn therapeutic strategies quickly and easily over the phone, to get your life back on track sooner.

Brief-therapy models focus on the present and serve to address problems that are impacting on your functioning right now. They are designed to be implemented in a briefer timeframe compared to other, more traditional models.

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