Phone Counselling Gets Your Problems Solved Faster

Phone Counselling Gets Your Problems Solved Faster

If you’re in emotional pain and need it sorted quickly, phone counselling may be the solution for you

Phone counselling gets your problems solved faster

Why phone counselling can solve your problems faster?

Gone are the days when the traditional therapy model of booking an hour session in advance, was the only way of getting counselling.

Sometimes it may take days or even weeks to book, finding a time that suits both you and your therapist, especially if you can’t take time away from work and need to wait for an afterhours session.

Depending on what your particular issue is, booking a traditional in-clinic hour session may be more suitable, particularly if your problem is complex. However, many times, you may only have a few quick questions, or have a simpler issue to talk about. In these cases, phone therapy can give you just what you need.

With phone therapy, you’ll be able to access counselling right on the spot with no booking or waiting time. You then don’t need to feel uncomfortable for any longer than you should and can work toward finding solutions right away.

Why bother trying to get issues solved faster?

Sitting in emotional pain may be unbearable. If your issue is making you feel hurt, anxious, angry, sad, guilty, shameful, frustrated or confused, you can end up feeling like your chest is being squeezed, your thoughts resemble jammed traffic unable to flow, or like something foreign has taken up residence in your stomach.

You can end up feeling tired, withdrawn and overwhelmed by all the thinking, and these feelings can take a significant toll on your psychological and physical health. You may start to realise that your state of mind is making you become easily agitated by others people or small things that happen, and little tasks can seem insurmountable. A general lack of interest in things, people and places can then replace your once positive outlook.

Cortisol levels increase and serve as warming bells, alerting you that something is emotionally wrong and needs addressing. Cortisol is essential for driving us into action to keep us safe, however it’s not intended to exist at elevated levels over longer periods of time. The research on cortisol confirms the need to resolve emotional issues sooner rather than later, returning hormone levels back to baseline.

While all this is going on, you’ll most likely still be expected to continue to function as normal, as most people will have little tolerance or understanding of exactly what you’re going through.

Look for faster phone therapy models

Phone therapy services usually offer a range of options from having appointment times available in the next few days, to services offering available times on the day you inquire.

Some phone therapy companies understand the significance of getting issues resolved in immediate time, and these are the ones to look for if you want solutions straight away.

Therapy Lounge is one company who challenges the idea of you having to sit in your discomfort and wait to get help. Therapy Lounge clients call and are put through to a therapist right then and there, and their services are offered during business hours, after hours and on weekends.

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